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Introspective Hypnosis Session

 Sessions are available in English and Bahasa


How to book a session with me :

  • Send me a message here with your Full Name, Email address and Skype and/or WhatsApp contact. I will then call you and answer any questions you might have regarding Introspective Hypnosis.
  • Once you have decided to have a session with me, we will determine whether you may be hypnotised or if you need a channel who will go under hypnosis for you. 
  • We will then arrange for a date for your session.
  • On the day of your session, we will start by discussing about your reasons for doing this sessions and go through the points to cover in that session. 
  • There are two options available. 
  • First Option : If you can go under hypnosis and visualise we shall proceed with the session.
  • Second option : If you have difficulties to visualise and decided you prefer a channel to assist you, we will proceed while you will witness online in real time the session taking place.


In any case your session is recorded and you will be given your session recording within 48 hours.


Session Fee   ( 3 to 5 hours )


Introspective hypnosis session  



Introspective hypnosis session with surrogate ( channel ) 


 ($175 + $75 for the surrogate )  

Useful Informations

Below, you can download the information and documents to prepare your session. Please, feel free to contact me  with any question.


How to prepare your session

Information and advices

Any question that is not covered here ? Please, feel free to  contact me.