In neuroscience, there are five distinct brainwave frequencies, namely Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta and Gamma


Delta waves vary between 0,5 Hz and 4 Hz.


Delta is the realm of your unconscious mind. 


It is the gateway to the universal mind and the collective unconscious without which the information received is unavailable at the conscious level.

Delta brain waves produce a state of pure being; with very slow oscillations, about 1 to 4 oscillations per second (OPS).


It is the dominant brainwaves infants operate in.

This state is present during deep sleep without dreams and deep relaxation. Repair and healing occur when the Delta state is activated. 


Certain frequencies in the Delta range trigger the release of growth hormone, which is beneficial for healing and regeneration. This is why deep and restful sleep is essential to the healing process. 


The release of endorphins by Delta brain waves can also be achieved through meditation, breathing exercises, etc…

Theta waves vary between 4 Hz and 7 Hz.


Theta brainwaves are present during deep meditation and light sleep. 


Theta waves are connected to our subconscious; they govern the part of the mind between the conscious and the unconscious. They contain memories and sensations. 


Theta is one of the most elusive and extraordinary areas we can explore. It is the state that we experience naturally at the moment of waking up or falling asleep.

In Theta, we are in a state of waking dream, vivid images flash before the eye of the mind and we are receptive to information beyond our conscious process.

A sense of deep spiritual connection and unity with the Universe can be felt and vivid visualizations, great inspiration, deep creativity, exceptional insight and the deepest programs of your mind are all available in Theta.

Theta has also been identified as the gateway to learning and memory. Theta meditation increases creativity, improves learning, reduces stress and arouses intuition and other extra-sensory skills.


« In Theta, learning is extremely fast and there is probably a lot of subliminal learning from other dimensions as well. In children under seven, children often see imaginary playmates and talk to them. Maybe they are not imaginary, but are in fact a link with another dimension of intelligence. Interesting thought, is not it? Some experiences of hypnosis and regression in the past life also occur in the theta range of brain activity. William W Hewitt

Alpha waves vary between 8 Hz and 13 Hz.


Alpha is the frequency range emitted by the brain in a relaxed state. 


This frequency is the closest to the resonance of the Earth’s electromagnetic field and also called the « Schuman Resonance ». 


Alpha brainwaves are present in deep relaxation with closed eyes and daydreaming, like when you’re in front of the television, you’re « in the moon » or just waking up or falling asleep.

In Alpha, we begin to access the wealth of creativity that lies just below our consciousness. It is the gateway; the entry point that leads to deeper states of consciousness. 


Alpha waves are the « bridge » of frequencies between our conscious thought (Beta) and our subconscious mind (Theta). This brain wave indicates a relaxed state of mind, a state of less vigilance, a meditative state beneficial for inspiration and quick learning. In this state, one can tap into the internal qualities of « antenna » and experience visions, creative inspirations, powerful ideas as well rich and intense internal sensations.


Different studies have shown that learning in the Alpha state improves student performance. It also develops the interest of studying in students and improves the quality of learning compared to a tense environment. Frequent intervals of 2 to 3 minutes after each study period of 30 minutes of concentration, relaxes their mind and the Alpha state will prove its effectiveness in learning that which is done with great ease, speed and pleasure.

Beta waves vary between 13 Hz and 30 Hz.


Beta is associated with maximal concentration, increased alertness, and visual acuity.


You are in Beta when your brain processes information actively.


The production of Beta waves is the result of a state of normal waking state and increased mental activity, the logical or critical mind, the memory of the five senses, calculation, speech, thought … 


In most of your daily activities you are operating in Beta.


Although beta brain function is important for effective functioning in daily life, higher beta levels result in stress, anxiety and agitation.

Gamma waves are between 30 Hz and 100 Hz.


Gamma waves are the fastest frequency at more than 30Hz  (some researchers do not distinguish Beta from gamma). 


It is the only group of frequencies present in all regions of the brain.


Gamma waves are a more recent discovery in the field of neuroscience, so that the understanding of the way they are functioning is constantly evolving.

Although little is known about this state of mind, initial research shows that gamma waves are associated with bursts of knowledge and high-level processing of information


To date, Gamma waves are known to be important for learning, memory and processing. They are used as a binding tool for our senses to process new information.


More recently, people have found a close connection between meditation and gamma waves, a link attributed to the « increased » state of existence or « completeness » felt in a meditative state.


In people with mental disabilities, much lower levels of gamma activity are recorded.