What is hypnosis ?

Myths and reality


There is nothing supernatural in hypnosis, the hypnotist induces you into a state of deep relaxation to temporarily put your logical left brain on hold and access your right brain connected to your subconscious.


All hypnosis is a self hypnosis, you only decide to follow or not to follow the suggestions of the practitioner and when consciously or unconsciously you refuse, you will not enter hypnotic trance.


The progress and success of the session therefore depends solely on your willingness to enter a state of hypnosis which cannot be forced by the practitioner.

  1. Hypnosis is sleeping.
  2. Hypnosis removes the voluntary control of a person.
  3. The hypnotist needs a special power.
  4. A hypnotised person may not wake up.
  5. It only works on mentally weak people.
  6. People can reveal their secrets.
  7. People can ridicule themselves.
  8. People can be abused.
  9. People will not remember anything after the session. 

  1. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness. People are aware and actively participate in the process.
  2. People are always in control while they are in a trance.
  3. The hypnotist needs the collaboration of the client to be able to hypnotize them.
  4. Nobody stays in a trance. People do not sleep.
  5. It works best on smart people who can visualise or imagine easily.
  6. People have control over what they say during a session.
  7. What we practice is not show hypnosis. Nobody will feel or act like a fool.
  8. People in a trance are not under the control of the hypnotist. They can stop the session at any time, open their eyes and leave if they want to.
  9. Most people remember all or at least part of what has been said during the session.     

Hypnosis is a tool that allows you to search deep within you for repressed memories that may be the reasons why your life does not bring you what you expect.


The left brain is the seat of the Conscious, logic mind … and the right brain the seat of creativity and the unconscious mind.


12%  of our mental process is conscious and  88% is unconscious


Under Hypnosis, you are in a deep state of relaxation which allows you to pause the conscious process in order to access your subconscious. By putting your logical and Cartesian consciousness aside, you are able to retrieve lost memories in order to trace them back and understand their reasons and origins and then to remove the impact they have on your present life.

  • Fears and phobias

  • Mourning

  • Bad self-esteem

  • The anxieties

  • Insecurity

  • Dependencies

  • Superstitions

  • Wrong beliefs

  • Blockages

  • Addictions

  • Bad habits

Under hypnosis, your brain goes into Theta, it’s the same wavelengths as when you’re about to fall asleep but are still aware of your environment.


Your brain is in Theta when you wake up, the short time before your dreams dissipate from your memory.


You are therefore already in hypnosis state 2 times a day at the very least.


Daydreaming for a moment is the result of passing the space of a few seconds in Theta and you are also in a hypnotic state and yet remain fully aware of your environment and your state of daydreaming at the moment when you switch back to a fully conscious state.


You do not sleep under hypnosis. You are master of yourself, and can stop the session at any time, open your eyes, get up and leave if you wish to do soYou will remain aware of your actions and words.